You Are Here



You Are Here Project is a multi-layered art project in which the content of the key image reveals itself in a series of settings and installations.

User friendly description to both Italian and English speaking people: The You Are Here Project raises questions about the ethical, political and cultural voids of contemporary society.

The Internet has given us a planet without borders. At the same time, and in contrast, the major nation-states modify their political strategies to create self-limiting reactionary ideologies and lifestyles.

In the You Are Here Project, the red reference spots move. Thus the reference points shift and lose their geographical coordinates and as such are points of reference that are continually in flux.

In Venice the You Are Here Project reference point spots are in visible motion on T-shirts, shopping bags, stickers and flyers. The reference point spots exist and move in other real and “virtual” locations.

In the Rome installation at MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome) the spots move in mirrored reflections. On the internet they are manifest in a location-less virtual gallery, video installation and still imagery.

As in You Are Here we can only assume the effect, the red final point, while the cause may vary and therefore remains both omnipresent and undetermined. In life there is no objective reality, there are many different truths.