Photographic works, different dimensions, video works

The title «Diachronies» identifies two series of photographic works by Domiziana Giordano, a homonym of 2002 and «Metrosemiocity» of the following year, both characterized by the same narrative mechanism, also used in the photographic works of the series «Steps Ahead» of some previous years, that is a grid that encloses a succession of frames and that, in «Diacronie», also immortalizes the human figure.

The artist uses this narrative artifice to dissect the process of self development. Diacronia, in its Greek etymology composed by δια (diá) through and χρόνος (chrónos) time, is a term that indicates development through time, used in philosophy and psychoanalysis, initially used by Ferdinand de Saussure in the linguistic field, speaking of evolution of language.

«I wanted to apply this term not to language, but to image», the artist declares, «in the photographic sequence, the dynamic of the story defines the moment in its becoming».