Mantra 01


Video, 10:46”

In the video work «Mantra 01» Domiziana Giordano re-enacts an experience of contact with the external landscape in order to allow herself and the viewer to experience it different every time, making a narrative mechanism.

Here the synopsis written by the artist when he conceived the work.

«Personal experience of the place with the re-cre (action) of the work. Whoever sees the work is physically brought to the place, in order to be able to directly experience the mantric suspension. A subjective sequence plan of a road trip in a desert landscape. Little by little we begin to notice details: the clouds that pass by making the shadows on the landscape run away quickly, the change in color of the earth and vegetation. The road becomes a suspension of one’s Self; with the help of this lay prayer we are gently transported outside of our personal stories. Suspension abruptly interrupted by the accidental and incidental return to reality. The experiences I have lived, that I show you and that I share with you are also the synthesis of an ethical, aesthetic and secular thought, at the same time exempt of both materiality and religiosity, as in a third way. This place is a non-place of the soul. It is also an experience of a la carte perception. I physically carry you where I have had the experience and share it with you. You are involved in my perceptive action, therefore one with the work».