Oil on canvas, 25 x 30 cm

The «Bocche» series recalls the constant element of the narrative in Domiziana Giordano’s research. The narrative, understood as a process of knowledge and expressed in other works of the artist through the textual element and a consequential development, is here explicitly referred to through the organ of language. The idea of ​​the affirmation of individuality, so dear to the artist, returns in this work: through language the individual can express his own thoughts and uniqueness.

These direct references are an occasion for the artist to reflect on the title and conceptual construction of the work, as well as on the idea of ​​affirming the individuality of the artist himself.

«Sometimes choosing a title for one’s work is lying to others and to oneself,» says Domiziana Giordano, «and continues: What is the reason behind a painting? Do I really have to reveal the nature of my thoughts to make my work conceptually acceptable? I tried several times to give it a title and every time it seemed to me a superfluous exercise in style. At first I chose a crafty title by identifying these mouths to an erotic imaginary and I called it Partouse - Piled up, another day, when I felt particularly fragile and - on that day, only on that day - honest, I wanted find a title that reflects my stuttering, or my difficulty in expressing myself verbally.

Certainly whatever you choose to say or not to say, our unconscious is hidden behind all our words. And the interpretation evolves into a totally objective and therefore mutable meaning diachrony».