L'Origine Du Monde

2015 - ongoing

Drawings, videos, photographs

The title «The origin of worlds» identifies a chapter of Domiziana Giordano’s research that concerns themes dear to the artist such as the role of women and the idea of ​​religion, bond and constriction. In video images, photographs and paintings, the exterior of sea caves recall the symbol of the vagina: if from the outside they look like dark and frightening holes, on entering we discover a light and welcoming world.

The artist speaks of the idea of ​​contrast between nature and society. «The ancestral fear of the male unconscious towards the female one is massively helped by religions,» writes Domiziana Giordano. «Religions have and continue to condition these prejudices on the verge of stupidity. From women away from the villages, as impure, during their menstrual period, to compel them not to eat together, the condition of women is subject to daily harassment. Nature, unknowingly, in the form of a metaphor, feeds these fears, but also brings solutions. Nature is an open book that teaches us to have courage, to respect our fears as well as to respond».