Petals On Lightness


Sculptural works, plastic material painted in watercolor, installations, video works, photographic works

The «Petals» series, which includes installations, sculptures, photographic and video images, tears this subject to the process of canceling still lifes to highlight a contrast between the fast superficiality of the use of the visible in today and the durability of deep expression of the self.

Thus the artist talks about the investigation process that gave rise to the series.

«It all started with an image: a corridor of a 16th century building, the lights of a spring afternoon light illuminated the floor with geometric shapes. Against the wall a handful of petals created a play of colors. I studied its structure. It was a sculpture.

I moved the petals and placed them at the edge of a shadow and lined them up. I found myself playing with these small colored shapes, without thinking of any meaning other than the shape and colors that they formed.

I had a reflex with me and took pictures.

The petals, so beautiful and delicate, were easy prey for easy-to-read aesthetic interpretations - from Decadentism to the present, and used as decorations for everyday objects of dubious taste.

In short, I wanted to use them to get something good out of them except clichés. I made thousands of them and colored them one by one with watercolor. As an emblem of today’s throwaway society, which renounces its culture in favor of a sensitive short-range pleasure.

I used them as non-Euclidean plastic forms».

The following works are part of the «Petals» series:

  • Oximoron
  • The Conversation
  • Totem
  • rohibited Intellect
Ossimoro, 2016

Installation, wooden box, 120 x 35 x 35 cm, grass, 150 x 150 cm

Domiziana Giordano wanted to recreate with the installation «Ossimoro» the scene of the petals on the floor that presented itself in front of her and immortalized the origin of this series of works. You look through a peephole of the measure of a frame inside a closed parallelepiped and you see the three-dimensional reproduction of the photo. To access the peephole, the spectator must climb barefoot on a carpet of real grass in a short circuit between real and artificial.

The conversation, 2016

Installation, two antique chairs, plastic petals painted in watercolor The seats of two antique chairs are covered with petals in plastic material painted with watercolor.

«Eye! History is fragile History is culture and must be defended daily, taking care of it by cultivating it», says the artist.

Totem, 2016

Installations, petals in plastic material painted in watercolor, different sizes The «Totems» are circular sculptures of reduced dimensions and large circles 130 cm in diameter covered by petals.

The «Totems» are small circular sculptures and large circles 130 cm in diameter covered by petals. The artist reveals that «the realization of these petals was very long and laborious: what was I thinking of during the realization? The true meaning of the work is, after all, the reflection made during the work».