You Are Here


Installation, road signs, videos, photographs

MACRO, Rome and public spaces in Rome and Venice

«You Are Here» is a multi-level project that includes an installation at the Macro Museum of Rome, installations in various public spaces in Rome and Venice, videos and photographic images, which aim to raise questions about ethical, political and cultural gaps of contemporary society.

«The Internet has given us a planet without borders. At the same time, and on the contrary, the major national states modify their political strategies to create reactionary ideologies and self-limiting lifestyles» explains the artist.

In the project «You Are Here«, the red landmarks move. Thus the points of reference move and lose their geographical coordinates and as such are reference points in continuous evolution.

In the installation at the MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome) the location points were mirror images. In Venice, the reference points of the «You Are Here» project were moving on T-shirts, shopping bags, stickers and flyers.

«We can only detect the effect, the red end point, while the cause may vary and therefore remain undetermined. In life there is no objective reality, there are many different truths» the artist concludes.